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Mohenjo Daro Movie Download
Mohenjo Daro movie Download

Akshay Kumar Impresses with his performance as Rustom Pavri but the film lacks at a certain point though is a fully entertaining movie keeping audiences intact to their seats with the narration and impressive performances. Rustom is based on the real-life incident of K M Nanavati case, which faced the last jury trial in the year 1959. It is not fully a reflection of what had happened but loosely based on it.


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Rustom and Cynthia are in love until a businessman Vikram Makhija (Arjan Bajwa) enters Cynthia’s life and they fall in love with each other. Cynthia has extramarital affair with Vikram but also finds herself guilty of cheating her husband, so when Rustom is home, she confesses having an extramarital relationship with Vikram. Fumed in fury, Rustom straightway goes to Vikram and kill him shot dead. Preeti (Esha Gupta) is Vikram’s sister and she wants Rustom to be behind the bars. The movie picks up the track after the interval when Courtroom drama starts. You can get Mohenjo Daro movie download in HD Mp4 from here.


Mohenjo Daro Full Movie Download in HD

There are some comic sequences and humorous dialogues in the courtroom which kind of are irrelevant to the serious tragedy happened which disconnects. Akshay Kumar has again given an impressive performance and Ileana, Esha and Arjun justify their roles. The movie is entertaining and the Bombay shown of 1959 era is also believable. Although the chemistry between Ileana and Akshay seems lacking and could have been shown more. There are some powerful scenes, which takes you back to the Nanavati case and make you imagine what could have happened at that time. You would be angry at the same time sympathise with a shattered husband. Mohenjo Daro movie was also released with this movie. But it doesn’t got good engagement from audience.


Mohenjo Daro HD Movie Download

Pavan Malhotra playing the investigating officer, Anang Desai, as the judge and Sachin Khedekar as the prosecution lawyer are apt for the roles. The music of the film is soulful and peaceful and as per the flow in the movie. Tinu Desai has taken care of minute details like costumes, locales, vintage cars to show the old Bombay and have an impactful direction.

All in all, Rustom is a must watch for those who likes the serious movie and concept based movies. It is entertaining in all sense although and Akshay Kumar stands out yet again in another patriotic film after Holiday, special 26, baby and Airlift.


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